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New Look is always looking ahead, striving to offer increasingly sustainable and environmentally friendly frames. Today we present Ben Sherman’s new collection of ecogreen eyewear. We virtually sat down with Ben Sherman’s team to find out what inspired the brand’s shift into eco-conscious product design, what durable materials were incorporated into the frames and what influenced the collection’s neo-vintage, British youth culture aesthetic.

You use entirely ecogreen materials in both your plastic and metal frames which is pretty impressive. Can you tell us more about what kind of sustainable materials you used?

The eyewear collection uses entirely eco-conscious materials. The bio-based acetate is derived from plant material with the same quality as regular acetate but it's produced from renewable sources that break down easily, lessening the harmful effects on the planet. The metal frames are constructed from stainless steel – not only is this metal corrosion-resistant, durable, long-lasting, and 100% recyclable, but the stainless steel is made up of 60% recycled material. The demo lenses used are biodegradable, they naturally and completely decompose within five years, this contrasts with a regular plastic demo lens that can take over 1,000 years to disintegrate! Moreover, nose pads are produced without harmful chemicals such as BPA, and the Ben Sherman Eco Green promise also extends to the Ben Sherman case which is crafted from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles into a recycled felt pouch.


What inspired the launch of this new collection of eco-conscious eyewear?

With the advent of fast fashion, there is more and more waste generated by the apparel and accessories industry. Ben Sherman has always stood for its community and the health of our environment. A couple of years ago we had the chance to dress Team GB in the Opening and Closing Ceremonies in the Tokyo Olympics. We found it inspiring how both parties were invested in sustainable practices and that launched a major initiative for the Ben Sherman team, leading us to push our suppliers.

As of now, we have made incredible strides in shifting to more eco-friendly practices overall including making all our poly bags biodegradable and reducing the volume of our packaging overall.

We have more work to do, but the eco-conscious eyewear collection allowed us to build, from the beginning, an eyewear collection whose first concern was being eco-friendly—from the materials in the frames to the cases the frames are sold in. We believe every little bit helps and we plan to keep evolving in this direction.

What is the inspiration behind the collection?

There were a couple of inspirations behind the collection. First, the individuality and creative expression of British youth culture and the music at its core was a big inspiration. The youthful freedom, self-confidence, and modern vibe of this culture can be seen in many pieces of the collection. Second, many of the frames are inspired by the timeless looks of the last few decades—the shapes embody fashion, attitude, charisma, and the classics of the most exciting era in history.

Who is Ben Sherman eyewear for?

Ben Sherman is a brand that has always been at the vanguard of British fashion, using bold colours to illuminate individual expression. Similarly, the eyewear collection will appeal to anyone with a strong sense of individuality. Our clientele is always evolving, and this collection lends itself to a genderless individual with a genuine, emotive connection to music, art, sport, and other creative subcultures they are passionate about. Ben Sherman has always fostered an inclusive community based on authenticity, confidence, and self-assuredness, where the only prerequisite for membership is a willingness to be original, free-spirited, and non-conformist. Today, more than ever, advancing the eclectic and colourful world of our global community is at the core of everything we do.


Describe Ben Sherman’s collection in 3 words.

Sharp, confident & iconic.

Ben Sherman is on a sustainability journey, what’s next?

We will be continuing to challenge ourselves to increase the level of sustainability of all our products. Sustainability is no longer a nice-to-have; it’s a key point for Ben Sherman, our clients and the community.

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If you’re a forward-thinker who cares about the environment, and above all else, a unique individual who wants to leave a good mark on the world, then you’re a Ben Sherman advocate. Browse Ben Sherman’s eyewear collection today and wear your values.

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September 6, 2021
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