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Newlook app

More often than not, ordering glasses online is a disappointing experience requiring you to make a compromise on your visual comfort or the fit of your frames. That’s why our new cutting-edge technology is so appealing. Order glasses from the comfort of your home with the help of a qualified professional and the most precise technology.

We sat down with two members of our team of eyewear innovators, Katie our New Product Director and Nicolas our Customer Experience and Sales Director (also an optician!) to find out more about this revolutionary technology that promises to change the way you find your perfect pair.

First and foremost, what is the New Look app?

Katie: The New Look app allows customers to take a detailed scan of their face upon which our expert opticians select and virtually fit glasses for them. The app uses the 3D camera installed on the iPhone X and more recent models, as well as on the latest iPad Pros to take a 20,000-point scan of the customer’s face, providing incredibly precise measurements. With our data, we can accurately interpret the measurements of each customer’s eyes, face and ears, enabling a perfectly fitting pair of glasses.


What makes it different from other try-on apps out there?

Katie: What makes the New Look app one of a kind is the precision of its scanning technology. The New Look app determines exact measurements, facilitating frame fitting and selection and helping the client find their perfect pair of glasses without compromising on the quality of their vision. Moreover, glasses are precisely pre-adjusted to ensure the comfort each client deserves.

Nicolas: In the field of optics any error or lack of precision, no matter how small, will have an effect on your vision or your level of comfort. This is why our technology solution combines advanced software and the TrueDepth camera technology on the iPhone X and more recent models, also known as FaceID, to provide the most precise measurements in the industry.

When we book an appointment to try the New Look app, why is an optician on the call?

Nicolas: One thing technology doesn’t have over the professional optician is … judgment! And for an optician, judgment is essential to attain optimal results. Everyone’s face is unique and so naturally, everyone has different eyewear needs. There are so many variables from person to person that technology cannot discern. That’s why you have a virtual appointment with an optician. The optician leverages the New Look app technology to assure a perfect fit to your face and unique needs.

Who is this service for and why should they try it?

Katie: Do you want a perfectly fitted pair of glasses? Then this service is for you. Note that at the moment it is only available in Quebec for clients with a valid single vision prescription. Clients must also have access to an iPhone X (or more recent) or an iPad Pro with FaceID.


Complete the sentence, New Look is the first ___________

Katie: Eyewear retailer in the world to sell prescription glasses online with the same fit, comfort and quality of vision as what you would get in an eyewear store.

Nicolas: Exactly! I am totally stealing your line here.

What would you say to convince people to try out this app?

Nicolas: Just taking a 3D scan using this app is worthwhile and impressive. For all the skeptics, I invite you to try this app and it just may be your new favourite way to shop for eyewear.

Katie: Technology improves our lives in countless ways, why not use it to fine-tune your search for the perfect pair of glasses?

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Experience a revolutionary eyewear purchasing experience and book an appointment today to find your perfect frame with effortless ease and unparalleled precision.

January 14, 2021
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