Meet Warren Steven Scott

Meet Warren Steven Scott


At New Look, we like to support local talent. That's why we collaborate with emerging local designers who want to share their vision of the world. Each collection is unique and represents the vision of its creator, a story of its own with a distinct design.

For this Avenue X Warren Steven Scott collection, we reached out to Warren Steven Scott, a White Rock Indigenous designer who pushes the boundaries of fashion through multiple mediums. 

Discover this multi-talented artist and his whimsical collection. 


Who is Warren Steven Scott?

Warren Steven Scott is a contemporary accessory designer, fashion designer, tailor, and craftsperson. His label was established in 2018. Born in 1988 in White Rock, British Columbia, Scott is a member of the Nlaka’pamux Nation, whose territory is located in the interior of present-day British Columbia. He also has Sts’ailes and British ancestry.

“My first introduction to the craft was the gorgeous woven cedar baskets that are found in each of my aunties’ homes, as well as my mom’s – baskets created by my Great Great Grandmother Mary Cecile Bobb,” says Scott. 

After successful collections that appeared in Vogue, he launched himself into the world of eyewear. “I was intrigued by the idea of an eyewear collaboration because of my history of acrylic use in my practice and the prevalent use of acrylic in eyewear. So, it made sense – it was also an opportunity to create a product that my studio doesn’t manufacture or create,” he adds.

Bringing tradition and modernity together, intuitively.

Through his work, Scott infuses his creations with inspiration from his Indigenous roots, a nod to his culture and community. “No matter what I create, do, there is that stream of me and my people in it. Maybe it won’t always be so identifiable, but will be there informing what I do, what we do.”


Moreover, the sense of community is central to the work of Warren Steven Scott. “For me, a WSS photoshoot will always be about gathering,” he explains. “I wanted something casual and light, kind of a clip of real life to show off the eyewear.” Featuring his loved ones who inspire him on a daily basis, the collection's approach is warm, familiar and friendly, to capture frames that will accompany you in all moments of your life. 

“There is something great happening now with Indigenous makers. I think through social media and avenues of personal platforms, Indigenous makers can be more self-reliant, can showcase their own work, create and sell directly to their audiences. Rather than relying on traditional models of commerce, which had perhaps previously closed the door to Indigenous makers.”

Discover the collection

The frames in this collection are just like their designer: accessible and vibrant with a touch of whimsy: “I’m excited by the abundance of options, variants, styles, and colourways in this Avenue by WSS collection. But I love this, because it actually allows customers to find themselves in the pairs.”


Avenue X Warren Steven Scott is part of our 2 for 1 assortment. Get two pairs for the price of one or purchase a single pair and get $100 off prescription lenses.

October 11, 2022
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