Choosing Lenses With Our Refinement Scale

Our Refinement Scale

When you purchase new glasses, there are many different lens options available and it’s sometimes hard to find which lens is right for your needs. To help you choose the right lens, New Look has created a simple-to-use lens refinement scale. Jacinthe Laurendeau, optician and merchandising director at New Look, explains how this innovative scale works.

Jacinthe Laurendeau

How would you describe this new tool?

It’s a scale that rates all of our lenses from 0 to 10. To assign a refinement score, we evaluate the lens’s level of sophistication based on its technology, manufacturing process and fields of vision. Essentially, it provides customers with a better understanding of the degree of sophistication linked to various lenses, and allows to compare across different lenses on one same scale.

Lenses With Our Refinement Scale

Where did the idea to create this scale come from?

We realized that lenses are very complex products that most people don’t fully comprehend. With the wide range of different lenses available, our customers may find it complex trying to find which lens is right for them, and may not always be clear about exactly what they’re buying. We wanted to find an optimal way to showcase our wide variety of lenses in the simplest and most efficient manner possible. Customers can now use our refinement scale to compare the different types of lenses and their specific features, allowing for our customer to make better informed lens choices.

How did you evaluate the level of sophistication of each lens?

We collaborated with our experts from the lab (specialists in lens design), who provided us with tangible information about the performance of each lens type. Using this data, we rated each lens based on key criteria: 4 for Simple Vision lenses that treat only one vision problem, and 5 for progressive lenses that treat a number of vision problems at the same time. We’re able to determine an overall score for each lens with this process. When the refinement score is high, it means that the lens is more sophisticated and requires a more customized, complex manufacturing process.

Lab technician inspecting a lens

Are lenses with higher refinement scores recommended for all customers?

Not necessarily. I’ll use the automobile industry as an analogy to explain how our scale works. For example, take a compact car that runs great but doesn’t have the maximum comfort of a luxury sedan or the adaptability of an all-terrain SUV. If your needs solely require a car for city driving, the features of the compact car may correspond perfectly to your needs. Similarly, the type of lens you choose must be tailored to your visual needs and your prescription. Our dispensing opticians are trained to take these factors into account and to help you choose the best lens for you. Don’t hesitate to make an appointment with them.

How can customers find the right lens for their needs?

At New Look, all our tools and services have been designed to help our customers find the right lens for them. To ensure optimal vision for our customers, we use Gaby, a technology that enables us to take the most precise digital measurements possible in order to manufacture our lenses. In order to suggest a lens that fits the customer’s needs, our highly experienced dispensing opticians take into account these measurements as well as the customer’s prescription. The refinement scale helps customers understand the options suggested by our experts and helps them make the best choice possible based on their needs. The tools and optician expertise truly allow for a completely personalized customer experience, adapted to each customer’s unique needs .

Designed with clarity and simplicity in mind, our unique refinement scale will help you choose a lens that meets all your needs. If you want to know more about our refinement scale or if you want to discuss your prescription, visit our ophthalmic lenses page or you can chat with one of our qualified dispensing opticians.

July 16, 2020
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