Classic silhouettes with modern details.
...A good design never goes out of style.


Meet Caché.

/cachet or kaˈSHā/

1. A distinct feature revealing your inner confidence.
2. An element enhancing your true self.

Caché... timelessly classic

Noticeable & noteworthy

All about classic refinement and timeless elegance, Caché carries great prestige in a true contemporary fashion. Adopting a look that won’t fail you, Caché redefines the classics with noteworthy styles for your modern look. Let Caché reveal your inner confidence with the right frame.

Ageless & redefined

Caché is rooted in our heritage. Our designers have taken staple styles and curated an assortment of frames from strong silhouettes. Revisiting our very own vault of designs, we are now putting timeless styles at the forefront. Caché has all the classics you love, offering something for everyone, no matter your style.

Heritage styles with a twist