Safer than ever

New Look is reopening its stores gradually and remains safer than ever with a new digital technology allowing for precise measurements to be taken at a distance when needed.

Gaby is an innovative app which allows for 10 precise measurements to be taken with one single tool instead of 6 when using traditional equipment.

Gradual reopening

After implementing new measures to ensure the safety of our customers and employees, we are gradually reopening our stores by appointment only. We are once again offering all the usual services.

Providing you with essential eye health services and ensuring your safety and that of our employees remains our number one priority.

Visits in stores by appointment only

To book an appointment, ask questions or place an order by phone, don't hesitate to contact us.

A safe environment

Our Canadian laboratory: 100% local

The entire manufacturing process for our ophthalmic lenses is 100% local. Our laboratory is based in Montréal where our team controls ­hygiene measures at every step, from manufacturing through to home delivery.

Digital measurements

Our cutting-edge technology enables touchless precise measurements, necessary when purchasing a new pair of glasses.


All devices and equipment are disinfected before and after each use and hand washing is mandatory to enter the store. We are also disinfecting all glasses after each contact with a client.


Our optometrists, opticians & staff are fully equipped with protective gear, and the number of people in the store is limited and closely monitored. Wearing a mask is mandatory for all clients.

A safe environment

New Look has implemented a series of strict safety and hygiene measures to ensure that our customers and employees benefit from a safe environment:

  1. New Look admits in store only customers with a specific appointment no matter the service. That includes but is not limited to an eyewear or lenses order, contact lenses renewal, adjustment or frame repairs;

  2. When it is possible to assist the customer without coming to the store, for example for a contact lenses renewal with a valid prescription, it is done remotely by prioritizing transactions by phone or through our website;

  3. Prior to coming to a store, customers are asked important questions in order to assess whether they have signs of COVID-19;

  4. Hand disinfection is mandatory to enter the store;

  5. Wearing a mask is mandatory for all clients. We ask that clients bring their own protective mask;

  6. The number of people in the store is limited and strictly regulated;

  7. A pre-adjustment can be made when glasses are ordered, for simple prescriptions, in order to encourage home delivery and to limit visits in stores;

  8. All devices and equipment are disinfected before and after each use;

  9. A thorough cleaning of stores is done systematically every day;

  10. Our employees assist customers within a distance of two metres. Since this is not always possible, they wear protective eyewear at all times.

  11. Gaby, the innovative technology of digital measurement with iPad, helps us to better respect distancing guidelines. With 3 simple photos taken without contact, we take 10 precise measurements with a single tool, compared to 6 different tools with traditional equipment; 

  12. Frames are disinfected before and after each use. Customers are not allowed to handle the frames alone and can only try on a limited number of them;

  13. The necessary supplies for the client's comfort, such as tissues and antiseptic wipes, are available during their appointment;

  14. Employees and optometrists are aware of the risks and recommendations related to COVID-19. They adapt their activities to limit their risks, both in the workplace and at home.

  15. The preferred payment method is by card in order to avoid handling cash.

Free delivery

To support our customers and limit the need to come to the store, we will offer free home delivery. Contact lenses wearers can renew their supply online or by phone, without the need to come in store (provided their prescription is still valid).

If you buy a new pair of glasses, we will pre-adjust your frames in store and deliver them directly to your home, also free of charge, so you don’t have to pick them up in person

Our support

Supporting our employees

New Look is grateful to have a large contingent of the most committed best professionals in the industry. We would not be who we are without them.

Some of our employees will be temporarily without work, but during this period, we have committed to supplement the government’s employment insurance with an extra allowance to give everyone close to their full pay.

Our stores

Service is currently limited to these stores. Please book an appointment before visiting us. Thank you for your understanding.

8th Street

Currently open
35-2105 8th ST. E.
Saskatoon (Saskatchewan)
S7H 0T8

T. 306-668-4300


Currently open
349 B 5th Street
Courtenay (British Columbia)
V9N 1J9

T. 250-334-2043

Hillside Centre

Currently open
49 - 1644 Hillside Ave
Hillside (British Columbia)
V8T 2C5

T. 250-595-6160
F. 250-595-6168

Mayfair Shopping Centre

Currently open
3147 Douglas St.
Mayfair (British Columbia)
V8Z 6E3

T. 250-381-2266
F. 250-381-2255


Currently open
109 2nd Ave. North
Saskatoon (Saskatchewan)
S7K 2A9

T. 306-978-2020

Tillicum Centre

Currently open
Unit #13 - 3170 Tillicum Road
Victoria (British Columbia)
V9A 7C5

T. 250-383-6225
F. 250-383-7759

Woodgrove Shopping Centre

Currently open
#51-6631 N. Island Hwy
Nanaimo (British Columbia)
V9T 4T7

T. 250-390-2444
F. 250-390-2426


Currently open
1191 boul. Laflèche
Baie-Comeau (Quebec)
G5C 1E1

T. 418-589-6060
F. 418-295-3427


Currently open
2695 rue Beaubien E
Montréal (Quebec)
H1Y 1G8

T. 514-593-8840
F. 514-593-3051


Currently open
534 boulevard Cadieux, local 102
Beauharnois (Quebec)
J6N 0R5

T. 450-977-1246
F. 450-429-6725


Currently open
723 rue Clémenceau
Québec (Quebec)
G1C 7T9

T. 418-666-5665
F. 418-666-0126


Currently open
1355 boul. Michèle-Bohec
Blainville (Quebec)
J7C 0M4

T. 450-434-0880
F. 450-434-0889


Currently open
582 ch. De Touraine, local 1101
Boucherville (Quebec)
J4B 5E4

T. 450-449-6395
F. 450-449-5100


Currently open
1100 rue Bouvier, local 100
Québec (Quebec)
G2K 1L9

T. 418-622-4224
F. 418-622-5471

Cap de la Madeleine

Currently open
411 rue Barkoff
Trois-Rivières (Quebec)
G8T 2A5

T. 819-373-5899
F. 819-373-4871

Carrefour de l'Estrie

Currently open
3050 boul. De Portland, local W18
Carrefour de l'Estrie
Sherbrooke (Quebec)
J1L 1K1

T. 819-822-4747
F. 819-822-2387

Carrefour de la Pérade

Currently open
3440 chemin des Quatre-Bourgeois, local 103
Québec (Quebec)
G1W 4T3

T. 418-653-0191
F. 418-653-4599


Currently open
3701 boul. Fréchette, suite 103
Chambly (Quebec)
J3L 0M8

T. 450-447-8670
F. 450-447-8256


Currently open
400 boul. Charest E
Québec (Quebec)
G1K 3J1

T. 418-523-6958
F. 418-522-3930


Currently open
1401 boul. Talbot, local A-30
Place du Royaume
Chicoutimi (Quebec)
G7H 5N6

T. 418-696-0844
F. 418-696-3624

Complexe Pointe-Claire

Currently open
6361 Aut Transcanadienne, local 112
Complexe Pointe-Claire
Pointe-Claire (Quebec)
H9R 5A5

T. 514-694-7773
F. 514-695-1975


Currently open
5920 ch. De la Côte-des-Neiges
Montréal (Quebec)
H3S 1Z5

T. 514-738-2424
F. 514-738-5317


Currently open
9050 boul. Leduc, local 5
Quartier DIX30
Brossard (Quebec)
J4Y 0E6

T. 450-443-1101
F. 450-443-4439


Currently open
200A boul. Saint-Joseph
Drummondville (Quebec)
J2C 2A8

T. 819-478-4171
F. 819-478-2306

Fleur de Lys Centre Commercial

Currently open
550 boul. Wilfrid-Hamel, local C32
Fleur de Lys centre commercial
Québec (Quebec)
G1M 2S6

T. 418-529-2141
F. 418-522-2997

Galeries Appalaches

Currently open
222 boul. Frontenac Ouest
Thetford Mines (Quebec)
G6G 6N7

T. 418-335-7393
F. 418-335-5220

Galeries Quatre-Saisons

Currently open
930 13e Avenue N
Galeries Quatre-Saisons
Sherbrooke (Quebec)
J1E 3J7

T. 819-565-3632
F. 819-565-3504


Currently open
865 rue Principale
Granby (Quebec)
J2G 2Y9

T. 450-776-5990
F. 450-776-1887

Greenfield Park

Currently open
5700 boul. Taschereau, local 110
Brossard (Quebec)
J4W 1M4

T. 450-466-2166
F. 450-671-3392

Hull - Le Plateau

Currently open
215 boul. Du Plateau
Gatineau (Quebec)
J9A 0N4

T. 819-420-0988
F. 819-420-0992


Currently open
175 Jean-Talon E
Montréal (Quebec)
H2R 1S8

T. 514-904-2210
F. 514-904-2216


Currently open
61 rue Baby
Joliette (Quebec)
J6E 2V4

T. 450-760-9389
F. 450-759-5907


Currently open
3810 boul. Harvey
Jonquière (Quebec)
G7X 3A2

T. 418-695-4744
F. 418-695-4738


Currently open
16916 Trans-Canada Hwy
Kirkland (Quebec)
H9H 0C5

T. 438-800-5340
F. 438-800-5349

La Plaine

Currently open
5821 boul. Laurier, local 104
Terrebonne (Quebec)
J7M 0G1

T. 450-722-0560
F. 450-722-0568


Currently open
2725 Victoria
Lachine (Quebec)
H8S 0A7

T. 514-369-5116
F. 514-637-0348


Currently open
6847 boul. Newman
Lasalle (Quebec)
H8N 3E4

T. 514-367-2244
F. 514-367-2249


Currently open
1125 boul. Saint-Martin O
Laval (Quebec)
H7S 1M8

T. 450-629-9800
F. 450-967-0755


Currently open
85 rte du Président-Kennedy, local 101
Lévis (Quebec)
G6V 6C8

T. 418-833-1131
F. 418-833-5686

Longueuil - Roland-Therrien

Currently open
2239 boul. Roland-Therrien
Longueuil (Quebec)
J4N 1P2

T. 450-448-8393
F. 450-448-8418

Longueuil - Saint-Laurent

Currently open
880 rue Saint-Laurent O
Longueuil (Quebec)
J4K 5E9

T. 450-677-4747
F. 450-677-5736


Currently open
11000 boul. De l’Ormière, local 115
Québec (Quebec)
G2B 5S1

T. 418-843-6542
F. 418-843-4169


Currently open
242 Montée Masson
Mascouche (Quebec)
J7K 3B5

T. 450-474-1131
F. 450-474-8172


Currently open
1461 Merivale Road, unit 1
Nepean (Ontario)
K2E 5N9

T. 613-226-1061
F. 613-688-5005


Currently open
1257 ave. Du Mont-Royal E
Montréal (Quebec)
H2J 1Y4

T. 514-908-0011
F. 514-908-0015


Currently open
121 boul. Taché O
Montmagny (Quebec)
G5V 3A6

T. 418-248-8383
F. 418-248-2582

Place de la Cité

Currently open
2600 boul. Laurier, local 154
Place de la Cité
Québec (Quebec)
G1V 4T3

T. 418-654-1492
F. 418-652-8922

Place Fleury

Currently open
1747 Fleury Est
Montréal (Quebec)
H2C 1T3

T. 514-370-1128
F. 514-370-5442

Place Vertu

Currently open
3131 boul. De la Côte-Vertu, local 1M
Place Vertu
Saint-Laurent (Quebec)
H4R 1Y8

T. 514-856-2002
F. 514-856-2001


Currently open
12905 rue Sherbrooke E, local 101
Pointe-aux-Trembles (Quebec)
H1A 1B9

T. 514-642-2540
F. 514-642-9097

Promenades de Gatineau

Currently open
1100 boul. Maloney O #88B
Promenades de Gatineau
Gatineau (Quebec)
J8T 6G3

T. 819-568-1918
F. 819-568-0609


Currently open
86 boul. Brien, local 154
Repentigny (Quebec)
J6A 5K7

T. 450-654-5477
F. 450-654-7650


Currently open
399 Montée Industrielle et Commerciale, local J3
Rimouski (Quebec)
G5M 1Y1

T. 418-724-0505
F. 418-724-9050


Currently open
298 boul. Armand-Thériault, local 260
Centre commercial Rivière-du-Loup
Rivière-du-Loup (Quebec)
G5R 4C2

T. 418-862-2200
F. 418-862-5115


Currently open
57 boul. Bouthillier
Rosemère (Quebec)
J7A 4S7

T. 450-435-6678
F. 450-435-4250


Currently open
564 Voie de Desserte de la Route 132, local 500
Saint-Constant (Quebec)
J5A 2S6

T. 450-638-2761
F. 450-638-9589


Currently open
4975 boul. Guillaume-Couture, local 1300
Lévis (Quebec)
G6V 4Z5

T. 418-835-3752
F. 418-835-3998


Currently open
585 boul. Arthur Sauvé, local 1010
Saint-Eustache (Quebec)
J7P 4X5

T. 450-473-7199
F. 450-473-1673


Currently open
410 107e Rue
Saint-Georges (Quebec)
G5Y 8K1

T. 418-228-0202
F. 418-228-5270


Currently open
1205 rue des Cascades
Saint-Hyacinthe (Quebec)
J2S 3H2

T. 450-774-7188
F. 450-774-1746

Saint-Jean sur Richelieu

Currently open
949 boul. du Séminaire N, local 100
Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu (Quebec)
J3A 1K1

T. 450-348-1155
F. 450-348-1957


Currently open
273 rue De Montigny
Saint-Jérôme (Quebec)
J7Z 5R1

T. 450-436-2893
F. 450-436-6650


Currently open
1 boul. Saint-Joseph O
Montréal (Quebec)
H2T 2P2

T. 514-270-4747
F. 514-270-0545


Currently open
4534 boul. St-Joseph, local 102
Saint-Nicéphore (Quebec)
J2A 1B5

T. 819-478-8711
F. 819-478-1444


Currently open
675 rue De la Concorde
Lévis (Quebec)
G6W 8A7

T. 418-834-6607
F. 418-839-3204

Saint-Thomas d'Aquin

Currently open
5925 rue Martineau
Saint-Hyacinthe (Quebec)
J2R 2H6

T. 450-253-5665
F. 450-253-5666


Currently open
95 rue Sainte-Catherine O
Montréal (Quebec)
H2X 1Z7

T. 514-904-0505
F. 514-904-0722


Currently open
930 rue Sainte-Catherine O
Montréal (Quebec)
H3B 1E2

T. 514-875-1001
F. 514-875-1016


Currently open
650 Aut Chomedey
Laval (Quebec)
H7X 3S9

T. 450-689-0308
F. 450-689-0816


Currently open
649 boul. Laure
Sept-Îles (Quebec)
G4R 1X8

T. 418-968-9134
F. 418-968-9418


Currently open
354 boul. Poliquin
Sorel-Tracy (Quebec)
J3P 0G4

T. 450-743-9985
F. 450-743-9137

Thetford Mines

Currently open
810 boul. Frontenac Est
Thetford Mines (Quebec)
G6G 6H1

T. 418-335-2363
F. 418-335-0978


Currently open
3510 boul. des Forges
Plaza Trois-Rivières
Trois-Rivières (Quebec)
G8Y 5H5

T. 819-372-1313
F. 819-372-0129


Currently open
1900 boul. Mgr-Langlois
Valleyfield (Quebec)
J6S 5R1

T. 450-373-2122
F. 450-373-8803


Currently open
3210 boul. De la Gare
Vaudreuil-Dorion (Quebec)
J7V 8W5

T. 450-424-6169
F. 450-424-9480


Currently open
57 rue Notre-Dame E
Victoriaville (Quebec)
G6P 3Z4

T. 819-752-4646
F. 819-752-6799


Currently open
5445 boul. Robert-Bourassa
Laval (Quebec)
H7E 0A4

T. 450-661-3778
F. 450-661-0957