Safer and more precise measurements

New Look is now safer than ever thanks to the Gaby app, a technology allowing for precise measurements to be taken from a safe distance when purchasing new glasses.

This unique technology allows us to offer you the best vision possible by taking up to 11 exact measurements. We therefore are replacing measurements done in close proximity as well as the 6 traditional tools with a safer and more precise technology.

Safely enjoy a personalized experience

Providing you with essential eye health services and ensuring your safety and that of our employees is our number one priority. Schedule an appointment specifically catered to your needs whether it be an eye exam, to try on some frames, get an adjustment or any other request.

A safe environment

Our Canadian laboratory: 100% local

The entire manufacturing process for our ophthalmic lenses is 100% local. Our laboratory is based in Montréal where our team controls ­hygiene measures at every step, from manufacturing through to home delivery.

Digital measurements

Our cutting-edge technology enables touchless precise measurements, necessary when purchasing a new pair of glasses.


All devices and equipment are disinfected before and after each use and hand washing is mandatory to enter the store. We are also disinfecting all glasses after each contact with a client.


Our optometrists, opticians & staff are fully equipped with protective gear, and the number of people in the store is limited and closely monitored. Wearing a mask is mandatory for all clients.

A safe environment

New Look has implemented a series of strict safety and hygiene measures to ensure that our customers and employees benefit from a safe environment:

  1. New Look admits in store only customers with a specific appointment no matter the service. That includes but is not limited to an eyewear or lenses order, contact lenses renewal, adjustment or frame repairs;

  2. When it is possible to assist the customer without coming to the store, for example for a contact lenses renewal with a valid prescription, it is done remotely by prioritizing transactions by phone or through our website;

  3. Prior to coming to a store, customers are asked important questions in order to assess whether they have signs of COVID-19;

  4. Hand disinfection is mandatory to enter the store;

  5. Wearing a mask is mandatory for all clients. We ask that clients bring their own protective mask;

  6. The number of people in the store is limited and strictly regulated;

  7. A pre-adjustment can be made when glasses are ordered, for simple prescriptions, in order to encourage home delivery and to limit visits in stores;

  8. All devices and equipment are disinfected before and after each use;

  9. A thorough cleaning of stores is done systematically every day;

  10. Our employees assist customers within a distance of two metres. Since this is not always possible, they wear protective eyewear at all times.

  11. Gaby, the innovative technology of digital measurement with iPad, helps us to better respect distancing guidelines. With 3 simple photos taken without contact, we take 10 precise measurements with a single tool, compared to 6 different tools with traditional equipment; 

  12. Frames are disinfected before and after each use. Customers are not allowed to handle the frames alone and can only try on a limited number of them;

  13. The necessary supplies for the client's comfort, such as tissues and antiseptic wipes, are available during their appointment;

  14. Employees and optometrists are aware of the risks and recommendations related to COVID-19. They adapt their activities to limit their risks, both in the workplace and at home.

  15. The preferred payment method is by card in order to avoid handling cash.


Free delivery

To support our customers and limit the need to come to the store, we will offer free home delivery. Contact lenses wearers can renew their supply online or by phone, without the need to come in store (provided their prescription is still valid).

If you buy a new pair of glasses, we will pre-adjust your frames in store and deliver them directly to your home, also free of charge, so you don’t have to pick them up in person