Eco eyewear

Eyewear that’s better for the environment

A sustainable future is something worth seeing. And the smallest gesture can have the biggest impact. Choose an ecological frame for your next pair of glasses that uses green materials and merges sustainability without compromising style. At New Look we are certified eco-responsible and are committed to sustainability.

Make a difference, one frame at a time.

Stella McCartney: Bold aesthetic fused with an eco-edge

Stella McCartney's collection adopts an environmentally friendly philosophy. Make no compromise on environment or style with 50% of the frames' materials made from natural sources, you get the best of both worlds. Now exclusively at New Look, the Stella McCartney collection is for the woman who wants to make an impact on her style and the environment.

Sea2See: A wave of change

From the ocean to your eyes, our Sea2See frames are made from 100% recycled marine plastic and are ultra-lightweight. For the sea lover who wants to make a splash on the environment, each frame is made up of plastic waste. About 500 kg of waste is hand-picked daily by fishermen to be recycled and reused as raw materials. When wearing a Sea2See frame you are part of the change. Available exclusively at New Look, these frames have travelled many miles, from the water, to Italy, and now to you.

Ben Sherman:
Environmentally conscious & iconic

Ben Sherman is a modern British staple that offers eyewear entirely made using eco-green materials. The brand uses bio-based cellulose acetate made from renewable wood pulp and cotton and stainless steel, made up of 60% recycled materials, for its metal frames. Ben Sherman eyewear is for the modern man who wants to enhance his look all while being eco-responsible.

Catch London: Hand-made in London

To create by recreating again: that's a glimpse of the designer Tom Davies' philosophy, the man behind Catch London. Each frame is carefully designed and handcrafted in London, with several of their styles using recycled acetate. Catch London is for the creative looking to add effortless elegance to their daily look.

Chloé: Naturally feminine & sustainable

Chloé is for the free-spirited woman who believes in a bright future. Creating a style that is naturally feminine and soft in design, Chloé is all about providing a unique aesthetic all while being good for the environment. Fueled by a progressive mindset, these frames are made of bio-based material from renewable sources with a reduced environmental impact.