Face Shapes

What is your face shape?

Is it difficult to find the right frame? There are so many styles available but we never seem to find the best one. The shape of the face is very important when choosing a frame. Knowing your type of face will greatly facilitate your search. Discover your shape and the frames that will enhance it.

Square face shape 

square_face_woman     men_square_face

The square face usually has a strong jaw and a wide forehead. Length and width are usually in proportion although the face may also be somewhat elongated. Cheekbones are aligned with the jaw.

Which type of frame to choose?


Geometrical designs can exaggerate the angular shape of a face. Avoid square frames. Oval and rounded shapes will soften the lines. Delicate metal frames are also a good choice. If the face is longer, choose a wider frame, like cat-eyed. However, when the height and width are in proportion, choose a narrower frame. Do not choose thick or massive frames..

Oval face shape 

oval_face_woman     oval_square_face

The oval face is often considered the ideal shape. The proportions are balanced and the cheekbones and jaw are lightly rounded. It is the most common face shape.

Which type of frame to choose?


Choose any style you want, from the most classical to the latest innovative look. Personality and style will guide your choice..

Round face shape 

round_face_woman     round_square_face

A round face is almost as wide as it is long and the lines are curved. The cheekbones and chin are softly rounded.

Which type of frame to choose?


Choose rectangular or angular frames to break the curved lines, making the face appear longer. Choose a narrower frame with a light-coloured bridge to make the eyes appear wider apart..

Triangular face shape 

triangular_face_woman     triangular_square_face

This type has a forehead visibly larger than the jaw and a pointy chin with high cheekbones and wide eyebrows.

Which type of frame to choose?


Discreet and light-coloured frames, rounded and thin, are best. Avoid bold or cat-eyed shapes. Choose light materials. Three-piece frames are also a very good choice. The frame should not rest lower than the cheekbones to prevent exaggerating the pointy effect..