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Test your eagle eye with our game: spot the differences

Test your eagle eye with our game: spot the differences

At New Look, we've got a good eye. Want to test your observation skills? Try to find the four differences between each of these three photo duos!

Psssst! The answers are at the end of the article. Be a good sport, and don't give away too much!

And for the pros: the name "New Look" is also hidden somewhere in the photos. Can you find it?

Classic frames with a twist

The elevated 9 to 5 from Lecavalier X New Look

From day to night in a stylish frame

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The answers

First photo duo:

  1. The missing jacket buttons
  2. The lipstick
  3. The tinted glasses
  4. The colour of the skirt
  5. The word "New Look": on the graffiti wall!

Second photo duo:

  1. Frame colour
  2. The filing cabinet handle
  3. The black lock on the top cupboard
  4. The earring
  5. The word "New Look": on the keyboard!

Third photo duo:

  1. The pearl necklace
  2. The coat button
  3. The colour of the frame
  4. The colour of a single glove
  5. The word "New Look": on the white sweater!
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