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Discover our dynamic lenses

No need to change glasses when you go from indoors to outdoors! Dynamic light-reactive lenses ensure optimum comfort for your eyes, wherever you are.

What is a light-reactive lens?

Light-reactive lenses are a practical 2-in-1: adjusted to your prescription, they are clear when worn inside and tint in seconds when outside, for optimum comfort and protection against UVA and UVB rays. Goodbye squinty eyes!

Are you sensitive to light?

Do you squint at outside light? Are you easily bothered by glare? Dynamic lenses give you a comfortable visual experience at all times, automatically adapting to light conditions to protect your eyes.

Ultra-fast lenses

Discover the new innovation from Transitions: the Gen S for a dynamic experience that adapts to everyone’s pace of life. Fastest in their category, Transitions Gen S lenses adapt so quickly that change is unnoticeable.

8 exclusive colours








Graphite green


Tint in 25 seconds and become
completely clear again in 2 minutes.

UV protection

Blocks 100% of UV rays.

Blue light protection

Blocks up to 32% of blue light when
clear and up to 85% when tinted.

Our exclusive lenses


iRayact, New Look’s light reactive lens creation, is available in three deep, natural tints and guarantees optimal results.

iRayact Extra

Ideal for driving, iRayact Extra lenses deliver added darkness in the open air and darken behind car windows, reacting to a wider light spectrum.

Available in 3 colours




FAQ about light-reactive lenses

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