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Tips and maintenance

Master contact lens maintenance

You’ve only got two eyes, so treat them kindly. Our opticians certainly will.

10 essential tips for the contact lens wearer


Always wash your hands.


Never wear your contacts longer than recommended.


Try to take a break for at least one day per week and don’t sleep with them on.


Avoid contact with water whether it’s your case or your contacts.


If the contacts are not worn for a while, clean them and change the solution every seven days.


Monthly contact lenses are to be thrown out 30 days after they’ve been opened from their blister pack, 14 days for bi-weekly contacts, and immediately after removal for daily contacts. Additionally, your cleaning solution should be changed no later than three months once opened.


Make sure your contact lens is right-side up by placing it on the tip of your finger. If the sides seem to follow the natural shape of your contact lens and the edges don't appear to be facing away, your contact lens is right side up. If not, gently flip it over.


Clean your case at least once a week using contact lens solution, let air dry and replace it every three months.


Follow your solution’s cleaning instructions and avoid changing cleaning solutions without your optician’s guidance. Remember not to use hard contact lens solutions for soft contact lenses.


Removal tip:
If the contact lens is difficult to remove or is stuck in your eye, apply two or three drops of saline solution. Wait until the contact lens is loose before removing it. If it is still stuck, see an eye care professional.

Pro tip

Wearing monthly contacts and having a hard time keeping track of the 30-day replacement timeframe? Open a new blister at the start of every month. It's that easy!

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