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Where vision meets innovation

Our laboratory

Our laboratory, one of the largest in Canada, is equipped with cutting-edge technology allowing a variety of superior quality lenses.

100% canadian since 1986

Our lenses are manufactured here in Montreal, Canada since 1986, by our experts, with the highest quality standards in the industry.


Opening of our first laboratory in Quebec City.


Expansion required, we relocated to Montreal.


The first in North America to install a digital surfacing line for customized lenses.


Our new DIA™ anti-reflective coatings have been designed with a new cutting-edge technology.

Quality is our signature

The quality of our products is our greatest pride. Our experts’ skills, the development of our own manufacturing standards and our use of innovative technologies enable us to create lenses that offer the best visual performance on the market.

Our eye experts

We carefully select our employees according to the specific skills required for each position. Many of our employees have worked for world-renowned laboratories. Our laboratory contains over 180 employees who have a keen sense of observation and manual dexterity and pay considerable attention to detail.

Since our distribution centre and laboratory are centralized in one location, our employees know our models inside out and they validate the quality of each frame in order to make custom-made lenses for every frame.

Eyeglasses inspected 7 times

Our large production volume allows us to create unique manufacturing processes.

The final assembly of your glasses is performed manually by our specialists and allows us to achieve complex assemblies: three-piece frames, sports frames, strong prescriptions and more. Therefore, you don’t have to compromise on the style you want.

The exceptional quality of our lenses is also due to our Lean Manufacturing certification. This results in optimized operations and the ability to prevent errors. Quality control is carried out seven times during the manufacturing process. We follow the highest optical and cosmetic standards in the industry worldwide.

High-quality equipment

At New Look, our expertise is centralized in our laboratory. This allows us to always have cutting-edge technology, to further develop our knowledge and to establish our own manufacturing standards tailored to our community.

4racer: Our 4racer lens edging machine gives us 0.001 millimetre for diopter accuracy, the ability to create special shapes and a production output of 4 lenses per minute.

Laser 2000: Our Laser 2000 laser engraving machines ensure extremely precise positioning of the lens in the frame, while being invisible to the wearer. This technology provides superior optical quality without altering the clarity of the lenses.

1200-dlx: Our 1200-dlx vacuum deposition chamber for high quality anti-reflective coatings is very complex to use. The thickness of its walls is as dense as a vault.

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