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Affordable smart glasses

Discover stylish eyewear with integrated smart functionalities. A futuristic combination that takes your everyday accessory to the next level.

When glasses and headphones are combined in a single device: 

  • An accessory as fashionable as it is functional.
  • Instant access to voice assistants like Siri®.
  • Conveniently listen to your music and take calls at the click of a button.




Take your Lucyd smart glasses to the next level. Combine style and functionality, and open up a world of possibilities. No more compromises, make life easier.

Unique features of smart glasses

Hands-free function

Take calls, listen to music and use Siri at the touch of a button. A mix of a Bluetooth headset, phone and glasses, all-in-one.

Easy Bluetooth connectivity

Pair your Lucyd eyewear with any Bluetooth device, including phones, watches and smart TVs. All Lucyd glasses can be customized to fit your prescription.

ChatGPT enabled

Connect to one of the world's most powerful artificial intelligences in seconds with Lucyd Lyte glasses and the Lucyd app.

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Technology and style : An essential fusion

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