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Optician's tip

A new pair of glasses can take up to two weeks to adjust to. To facilitate this period, we recommend that you wear your glasses as often as possible. Consult an optician after two weeks if the following side effects persist: Headaches, dizziness, difficulty judging distances, image distortion or blurred vision.  

Maintenance Tips 

To prevent breakage and scratches on your eyewear,
follow these tips:



Do not expose your eyewear to intense heat or steam.

Store your glasses in their case when not in use.

Do not place them directly on the lenses.

Clean them using a soft cloth and a specially formulated cleaning solution.

Do not Put them in contact with corrosive products such as hairspray.

The New look vision

Made in Montreal

Our lenses are manufactured in our state-of-the-art laboratory by our team of experts since 1986.

Adjusted by our opticians 

Our professional opticians adjust your eyewear to ensure optimum comfort and vision for every pair.

Superior quality control 

Our lenses are inspected 7 times during fabrication to ensure every pair is ready for wear and meets our standards.

Digital measuring 

Our ultra-precise digital measurements of the position of your glasses on your face give you lenses that are specifically tailored to you.

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Our team is always available for you.

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