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Our dia coatings

Anti-reflective & scratch-resistant coatings

Enhance your lens quality with DIA™

What are anti-reflective and scratch-resistant coatings?

An anti-reflective, scratch-resistant coating is a protective layer applied to your lenses that increases their durability against dust and dirt, and minimizes glare caused by light.


  • Perfect transparency
  • Enhanced sharpness, contrast and visual precision
  • Water and dust repellent for easier cleaning

  • Reduced fogging
  • Greater visual comfort and reduced eye fatigue
  • Reduces reflection for those looking at you

Lens coatings included with your order


Our new anti-reflective DIA™ UV coating is included with all your eyewear orders and contains additional UV protection to prevent harmful UV rays from being reflected back into your eyes. Blocking UV light reflected off both faces of the lens surfaces, this advanced coating is built to last.


This advanced anti-reflective coating is included with your sunglasses order and protects against distracting reflections. It protects against UV rays being reflected into the eyes by blocking UV light reflected off the rear lens surfaces and enhances your visual comfort & protection for great sunglasses quality.

Other treatments available

Two additional treatment options for protection against blue light and infrared light are also available.


With DIA™ IR you get both UV and IR protection: a powerful synergetic strategy for healthy-looking eyes and great vision. Our new anti-reflective DIA™ IR is an innovative, multi-layered treatment that protects your eyes and the skin around your eyes and eyelids from the sun's UV and IR rays, reducing the amount of infrared light reaching your eyes.


Our DIA™ AZUR coating reduces eye strain and fatigue caused by digital screens and ultimately helps maintain your visual health. This coating is specifically designed for screen users and protects your eyes from harmful blue light & UV rays.

FAQ on anti-reflective andscratch-resistant coatings

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