by design

Our manifesto

New Look was founded on the premise of discovering the new. Today, it’s about redefining the rules of eyewear quality, making the journey a simple and personalized one.

We believe vision is a fundamental human right, and all deserve it. Seeing better makes us see further, forward. It’s our mission to all be visionaries.

We fuse quality with design, that thoughtful art of using resources smartly for better vision, timeless style and sustainability. We go by our own elevated quality standards, crafting our lenses in our laboratory so that no detail goes unnoticed. We take pride in creating both durable eyewear and unparalleled experiences - the new cutting edge.

Make no compromises.
Cheap is expensive. 
Smart looks better.

Our mission

We exist to establish the new rules of the optical industry and empower a better vision of the world.

About us

At New Look, we’ve been offering our expertise in high quality eyewear since 1986. Throughout the years we have pioneered new ways of exceeding customers’ expectations while remaining at the forefront of the industry.

Our customers, our marketplace and our technological prowess are ever evolving. Every day at New Look we strive to go beyond, push the boundaries and redefine the rules. It is now the time to effect another change, a new chapter, and our foundation has never been stronger.

We are Canadian, we own our craft and we deliver complex state-of-the-art eye care in all its simplicity. We are smart thinkers committed to innovation & sustainability, and boast the largest network of passionate professionals and dedicated employees.

This is the basis of our new vision, a vision that will lead us into the next phase of our evolution, the future of our industry.

Our values

At New Look we…

…define the game (don’t just play it)

We are entrepreneurs since the beginning, founded by a visionary, run by visionaries, by us. Our goal is to be different, and our purpose is to build the future of our industry. We are committed to improving vision, design, technologies, service and eco-responsibility. We make mistakes because we dare. We are relentless in making things happen and never give up.

…work hard to make it easy for customers

Simple is clever. We know our industry is complex, but we make it easy as 1, 2, 3 for our customers. We are concise, removing clutter and simplifying choices. We take the time to explain. Behind the scenes, we are agile and efficient. We make quick decisions and keep moving forward. We’re transparent and nimble. With us, there’s no fluff and no politics involved. Complexity exists, but it’s no reason to make things complicated.

...set our sights higher every day

What we do, we do with elevated standards. We invest to deliver inspiring work, great products and impeccable service. We aim to be one notch above, not for ourselves but for society. And. For. Every. Single. Customer. We value smart design and we use our resources for the better: better style, better quality and better sustainability. We believe everything must be intelligent, built to last and beautiful. Forget fast fashion. Cheap is expensive. Durable is smart.

... care, responsibly

We believe vision is a fundamental human right. We care deeply about our customers, and are grateful for the opportunity to help them see better. So, we do what’s right for every customer, and also every employee, because without our people, our family, our dreams would not become reality. We are conscientious and appreciative, and make the best out of everything: every dollar, every need, everyone. We understand the impact we have on society and think long term, sustainably.



As New Look evolves internally, innovating its practices and improving its expertise, it also strives to better its environmental impact. That is why we are proud to be the first of our field to be certified ECORESPONSIBLETM by the Council of Sustainable Industries. At New Look, we believe a sustainable future is something worth seeing.

We are committed to promoting, advancing and actively facilitating the integration of sustainable development principles into our business model. Shop our ecoresponsible eyewear collections and consult our Sustainability Charter for more information.