Our commitment: See to the professional well-being of each of our employees by developing their skills through various advancement and improvement opportunities. To join New Look Eyewear is to have the opportunity to meet new and stimulating challenges, and to share our corporate values.

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Sales consultant

The sales consultants greet the customers with professionalism and courtesy. Their role is very important as, under the supervision of opticians, they guide the customer through the choice of frame and lenses. The consultants also create and update patient files and see to it that all transactions are completed. These tasks help create a closeness with the customer.

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Assistant to the optometrist

The assistants are there to help the optometrists. Before eye exams, the assistants do the necessary pretests with the patients. They are also in charge of necessary administrative procedures, such as making and confirming appointments, making eye exam reminder calls, as well as creating and updating patient files. This is a rewarding position that brings the employees close to the patients.

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The opticians must have a college degree or the equivalent .This is a regulated profession by the provincial government. While providing professional services and advices, the opticians are in charge of installing, adjusting, replacing and selling ophthalmic lenses and contact lenses. The opticians also take the necessary measurements needed for the fabrication of glasses that will meet the customers’ specific needs.

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Assistant store manager

As the title implies, the assistant managers help the store managers in daily operations, in order to increase sales and meet objectives. The assistants also help in the implementation of standards, procedures, and marketing programs as well as taking part in the professional development of the store employees.

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Store manager

The store managers oversee the activities related to store operations and to the personnel in order to increase sales and meet objectives. They implement the standards, procedures, and marketing programs. As well as training new employees, the store managers also see to the professional development of their staff.

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Administrative employments

In addition to the positions available in our stores, it is also possible to build a career within the New Look Eyewear administrative offices. There are positions in the accounting and finance department, marketing and publicity, human resources and administrative support. Whatever your expertise, we would like to discover it.

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