The New Look vision

Our lenses are manufactured here in Montreal, Canada by our experts, with the highest quality standards in the industry. At New Look, you will be assured of having the best vision possible thanks to our precise measurements, our adjustments made by our professional opticians and our laboratory quality control.

The New Look value

Made in Canada

Our lenses are manufactured in our laboratory equipped with the latest technology, by our team of experts, since 1986.

Quality control

During production, our lenses are inspected 7 times on more than 12 verified measuring points.

Adjusted by our professional opticians

The glasses are adjusted by our professional opticians to ensure optimal comfort and vision.

Digital measurements

The ultra-precise measurements of the glasses’ positioning on your face allow us to offer you better vision, and lenses specifically adapted to your morphology.

Lens refinement scale

New Look has developed its own quality and performance scale for lenses. Our score between 0 and 10 classifies each type of lens based on its technology, manufacturing process and fields of vision. The scale starts at our simplest lens and goes up to our most complex lens that provides the best visual performance and maximum comfort.

Correct one problem at a time.

Correct more than one vision problem at a time.

Single Vision

Refinement score

Vision field Visual fatigue Superior precision Lens customization


Refinement score

Far vision Intermediate vision Reading field & ergonomics Vision field transition Lens customization

Office work & indoor lenses

Because we spend so many hours at our desk or doing the activities that we love at home, it’s only natural to have the best pair of glasses for the job.

Discover DIA: our high-quality anti-reflective & scratch resistant coatings


All our lenses are easy to care for and include a scratch-resistant and an anti-reflective coating. Three additional choices are also available:


Blue light

Choose blue light protective lenses to reduce eye strain.



Opt for polarized lenses to reduce glare, while choosing a colour to harmonize with your tastes.



Our iRayAct lenses become tinted in the sun offering you protection against UV rays.

Thinned lenses

Various thinning options are available to provide a lighter, flatter, high-end lens with superior aesthetic and visual comfort.

Very thin+$120

Our lab

Our laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and is one of the largest in Canada. A skilled local workforce have been manufacturing our lenses here in Quebec since 1986. Every year, we innovate and perfect our range of lenses to offer a vision that is always more performing, optimized and adapted, to meet the individual needs of our customers.

Need an eye exam?

Your eyes are the most precious thing you have. Maintain a good ocular health by making an appointment with one of our optometrists for an eye exam.