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light-reactive lenses

On the market for glasses that will adapt to your needs? Our light-reactive lenses provide visual comfort in every lighting. No need to change glasses, let the lenses do the work. Not only do they reduce glare, but they in turn help prevent eye strain and visual fatigue. Everyone can benefit from the protection, style and versatility of these light-reactive lenses.

What is a
light-reactive lens?

Also called photochromic, a light-reactive lens darkens when outdoors and quickly fades back to being exceptionally clear indoors. During these rapid and seamless transitions, you remain completely UV protected.

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Color : Grey
Color : Brown
Color : Green
Color : Sapphire
Color : Amethyst
Color : Emerald
Color : Amber
iRayact/iRayact Extra
Transitions Style Colors


iRayact Extra

Transitions Style Colors

iRayact, New Look’s light reactive lens creation, is available in three deep, natural tints and guarantees optimal results.

iRayact Extra lenses deliver added darkness in the open air and darken behind car windows, reacting to a wider light spectrum.

Transitions offers a wide range of stylish lens colours so you can express your personal style like never before.

Exceptional indoor lens clarity
100% UV ray protection
Glare reduction
Extra darkness and reactive in the car
Blue light protection
Scratch-resistant and anti-reflective coating
Available colours

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Grey, brown, green


Grey, brown, green


Sapphire, amethyst, emerald, amber


The New Look vision

Our lenses are manufactured here in Montreal, Canada by our experts, with the highest quality standards in the industry. At New Look, you will be assured of having the best vision possible thanks to our precise measurements, our adjustments made by our professional opticians and our laboratory quality control.