Reinventing the definition of style with every pair

Look onto new horizons in these handcrafted designs. Every Catch London collection is made in collaboration with a British artist and then handcrafted in the heart of London. Express your creativity with a designer brand that is constantly reinventing itself through new and limitless perspectives. Heavily influenced by London’s style, Catch London is a brand that champions the elegance of its beloved city.

London look. Boundless charisma.

Made in London

Each frame is carefully designed and handcrafted in West London using high-quality materials. There, master craftsmen meet the best of Britain’s youth, merging the best of two generations. Discover Catch London by Tom Davies in Canada for the very first time.


Tom Davies’
personal love letter to London.

Meet the man behind the brand

Tom Davies is the iconic British eyewear designer and creative director of Catch London. Enhancing people’s lives with elegant and boundary-pushing designs while offering the utmost comfort and quality in a frame is his team’s mission. From Hong Kong to his hometown of London, discover the designer’s journey and what makes Catch London truly unique.