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10 reasons to love Kenneth Cole

10 reasons to love Kenneth Cole

Kenneth Cole is a designer from New York City who has been in business for over 30 years. We love Kenneth Cole, not only for the company’s high-quality, sophisticated frames from the Reaction collection, but also because of the brand’s social causes. Here are 10 reasons why we love this brand:


1. His determination

At its inception, the company only manufactured footwear and was called Kenneth Cole Inc. In 1987, founder Kenneth Cole wanted to showcase his collection at New York Hilton’s Market Week, but he couldn’t afford the participation fees to present his products. He cleverly opted to set up a truck two blocks away from the venue to promote his shoe line. Since the city only allowed for film production companies to set up installments at this location, Cole changed his company’s name to Kenneth Cole Production Inc. and decided to produce a film called The Birth of a Shoe Company.


2. The pursuit of social causes

Since 1982, the Kenneth Cole brand has stood for optimism and commitment to a variety of social causes. For example, in 1986, the brand launched a highly visible AIDS awareness campaign. This campaign generated significant consumer response and marked the beginning of what was to be a series of advertisements which supported additional causes such as gun control, women’s rights, safe sex, LGBTQ communities and same-sex marriage, amongst others.

3. Always tactful

These advertisements set forth were created to trigger a reaction; one geared towards making a difference. Although thought-provoking, the communication was always delivered in a respectful and tactful manner.

4. More than just a designer

Kenneth Cole is both a designer and an impressive business leader. He established the Kenneth Cole Foundation, in collaboration with Emory University in Georgia, to support the education of those less fortunate, and the foundation also supports young entrepreneurs.

5. Always there to help

After Hurricane Katrina struck the United States in 2005, Kenneth Cole donated clothing and shoes to those who had lost everything as a result of this tragedy. He also provided discounts on his collections to those customers that donated to the cause, to help those affected by the disaster.

6. Innovating to make a difference

A few years ago, to inspire and encourage people to give back to their community, Kenneth Cole Inc. launched a book entitled Awearness: Inspiring Stories About How to Make a Difference. In this book, celebrities shared their stories and explained how they support a variety of social causes. An ‘Awearness’ campaign was also launched whereby an exclusive collection helped raise more funds for the charities that the company supports.

7. Kenneth Cole - a friend to animals

Since 2007, the company has been an activist for animal rights and has banned the use of fur in all of its collections.

8. Kenneth Cole Reaction - made in Canada

Interestingly, all clothing and footwear from the Kenneth Cole Reaction collection are manufactured by Haggar Canada, a Toronto-based company.

9. Uncompromising quality & value

Kenneth Cole offers quality products for every budget. Customers can purchase this designer label at accessible price points. Kenneth Cole delivers on unique styling, at an accessible price point.


10. A very “New York” style

In addition to supporting causes that are close to our hearts, Kenneth Cole also creates collections that are inspired by New York City. We love the sophisticated, urban look of the Reaction collection while remaining true to social values we can appreciate.

There are many reasons to love the Kenneth Cole brand. We are proud to support a company that is committed to helping the community and to making a difference in the world. With Kenneth Cole, we never have to compromise—we’re free to be ourselves!


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