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Lecavalier: a compelling fusion of sophistication and boldness

Lecavalier: a compelling fusion of sophistication and boldness

At New Look, local talent is at the heart of our values. It's no surprise, that local designers, both emerging and established, have a significant place among the brands that fill our catalog of styles. Each new collection that we introduce is unique and represents a designers own story, an embodiment of their vision of the world. Our brand new collection, titled Lecavalier X New Look, is the creative product of our collaboration with the talented Montrealer, Marie-Ève Lecavalier.

The Story of Lecavalier X New Look

Marie-Ève Lecavalier unwraps her vision in her striking new collection, skilfully blending boldness and sophistication. With geometric shapes and genderless styles, Lecavalier X New Look has something for everyone. And who better to share the essence of the collection than the designer herself?


Marie-Ève, describe your career so far 

"I've always been fascinated by sociology. I enjoy observing society and translating my findings into my designs. I was born in Montreal, where I began my studies. I then gained international experience working with fashion designers such as Raf Simons and Alexander Wang, who greatly inspired my unique approach.

In 2018, I founded the Lecavalier line, and was proud to be the first Canadian woman to be part of the official Paris Fashion Week calendar. Today, I split my time between Montreal and Paris, continuing my projects and drawing inspiration from figures in the fashion world."





What were the inspirations behind Lecavalier?

"I was greatly inspired by the 90s aesthetic. The glasses in the collection represent a more minimalist, edgy, and futuristic version of this era. The personalities that embody the brand are independent, career-driven, intellectual, and liberated. The idea was to break free from the retro-classic mold and move towards a more drastic and geometric design. An elegant and modernized version of the 90s office life."


Can you tell us more about the collection as it stands today?

"The collection includes frames grouped into different 'families' of glasses with different treatments, materials, and colours to cover a wide range of needs. The frames are also characterized by their materials. The all-metal category includes sleek frames representing office life. The half-metal, half-acrylic category has a bolder yet refined style. The all-acrylic frames include extravagant size and texture, and the sunglasses represent various iconic and more playful styles."

Do you have personal favourites within the collection?

"You could say I do! Among the eyeglasses, I love the minimalism and refinement of the Chollet frame. As for sunglasses, I particularly like the Philo."

Lecavalier x New Look: in a store near you

Lecavalier X New Look frames, a synergy of office core and retro-futuristic elements, are the accessory of choice to elevate your 9 to 5. Want to support a local designer? Pick a pair of brand new Lecavalier X New Look frame.

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