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How to choose winter sports glasses?

How to choose winter sports glasses?

With winter, participating in winter sports is back in full swing... but snow, cold, and wind are also in the mix! It's the perfect time to emphasize the importance of protecting your eyes with suitable glasses. In this article, we guide you through key elements to consider when choosing glasses with perfect lenses for your winter activities, from UV protection to fit, comfort, and style.

What you'll learn in this article

Why wear glasses suitable for winter sports?

Participating in winter sports requires protecting your eyes from Mother Nature's whims. Whether you're hiking or racing down a snowy mountain, your eyes deserve to be equipped. Whether to shield your eyes from harmful rays of the winter season or to ensure resistance and comfort in all conditions, finding glasses suitable for winter sports is essential.

5 tips for choosing your winter sports glasses

1. UV protection and lens tint

UV protection is essential to prevent damage from ultraviolet rays, which are more intense at higher altitudes and on snow. Dark tints enhance visibility and visual comfort in bright areas, while light tints provide better depth perception and brighter, contrasted vision in shaded environments or nighttime activities. Your glasses should accompany you from morning to night!

2. Resistance and materials

Winter sports glasses must be made with impact-resistant materials to protect against falls or collisions. The materials should also remain flexible and strong at low temperatures... Canadian winters can be surprising! Ensure the durability of your glasses in extreme winter conditions. In our stores, our specialists will ask you about your specific needs in relation to the sport you practice. We'll also determine the perfect fit for your frame, to reduce the risk of injury.

3. Comfort and fit

A good fit is crucial to prevent glasses from slipping or causing discomfort. Ensure that the glasses are compatible with equipment such as helmets. They should remain comfortable even after extended use. Also, the space between the face and the glasses should be sufficient to prevent fogging.

Helpful tip: we recommend that you bring your ski or snowboard helmet with you when you go shopping to ensure a proper fit and optimum comfort!

4. Field of vision

A wide field of vision is necessary for good peripheral perception, crucial for safety in winter sports. Glasses with a wrap-around design or wide lenses can offer better peripheral vision as well as increased wind protection.

5. Style and customization

Don't overlook the aesthetic aspect! Winter sports glasses are available in a variety of styles and colours. You can choose designs that match your personal style while considering technical aspects.

Our selection of frames for winter sports

At New Look, we offer a variety of frames specially designed for winter sports. Here are some recommended models:


Smith Reverb Glasses

Perfect for extreme sports, with a wide field of vision and exceptional UV protection. These glasses are available with prescription when an attachment is added.

Champion CU-GRIT

Champion Glasses

A stylish choice for those seeking effective sun protection and timeless design.

Oakley OO-9188 FLAK 2.0 XL or CABLES


Ideal for skiers, snowboarders, hikers, and cross-country skiing enthusiasts, these glasses combine comfort, protection, and style. These glasses have a few prescription restrictions; the lenses must be designed directly by Oakley. However, their style is amazing!

Explore our entire selection and get personalized advice by browsing our frame catalog or visiting our stores.

Let us help you

By choosing the right winter sports glasses, you protect your eyes while fully enjoying your activities. We are always here to offer visual solutions that combine performance, comfort, and style. Visit us in-store to discover our selection and receive tailored advice! Our specialists are available to provide personalized guidance.

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