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Determining the quality of a frame: what you need to know

Determining the quality of a frame: what you need to know

When the time comes to choose a new frame, how do you evaluate its quality? It is a complex subject as there are so many variables between the manufacturers and the materials. Here are some basic tips for selecting the right eyeglass frame, which you can confirm with the recommendation of an experienced eyecare professional.



The adjustment of a frame makes a big difference in terms of comfort and vision. A frame that keeps its fit longer is a guarantee of quality. Be aware that all eyeglass frames require readjustments at least a few times a year, but as a general rule, if your frame loses its proper fit in a few days, it may indicate poor quality.



Generally speaking, whether it’s made of metal or plastic, a better frame will either be more flexible and durable or, depending on its material, will have a better shape memory. This flexibility reduces the risk of breakage and increases comfort. Don’t hesitate to ask a professional to handle the frame you are interested in to verify its flexibility. It’s amazing how malleable plastic or metal can be!


Look & Feel

Quality plastic frames usually have a variety of features. They have a rich colour, they are soft to the touch, glossy and all their edges are polished. Quality plastic frames usually have a certain weight in hand and are not among the lightest. However, this is different for metal frames, for example, which can be made of ultra-light materials such as titanium and stainless steel.



Spring Hinges

A large majority of frames have spring hinges. This type of hinge increases the life of the frames and makes them more flexible and therefore less prone to damage. When it’s time to buy a new frame, it’s important to verify their effectiveness. A hinge makes it possible to open the temples of the frame to position it on your face. To do so, the natural gap of the frame is enlarged. The return movement is what you should pay attention to. Talk to your vision professional to test the performance of the spring hinges. Good hinges should perform as well on the left as on the right side. In addition, the hinges should not loosen after a short period of time, which would indicate less quality.

All of the items mentioned above vary from one eyeglass frame to another, there is no golden rule. It’s essential to seek the advice of an expert who will guide you according to your needs, tastes and desires in order to choose the right eyeglass frame. Between now and your next eye exam, check out what’s new

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