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Guide: how to choose running glasses

Guide: how to choose running glasses

Without a doubt, the most fashionable sports medal at the moment goes to running! You only have to look out of your window to see people of all ages striding down the sidewalks.

In addition to shoes and sportswear, the must-have accessory is undoubtedly running glasses. But choosing which ones to buy can be overwhelming. Read on to find out why it's important to wear running glasses and how to choose them, plus our favourites.

Our opticians are experts in the field of sports eyewear. Our in-store team is always ready to help you choose the right pair of glasses for your needs!

What you will learn in the article : 

  • Why wear running glasses?
  • How to choose running glasses?
  • The best running glasses

    1. Why wear sunglasses for running?

    Wearing running sunglasses isn't just a question of style. They offer several essential benefits for any jogging enthusiast:

    • Performance: Running glasses reduce glare and improve your vision, so you can stay focused on the course. 
    • Safety: They protect your eyes from debris, insects, wind and harmful UV rays. This reduces the risk of eye injury. They also make it easier to see the ground, so you don't trip. A small stick can appear so quickly!
    • Comfort: Well-fitting glasses reduce eyestrain and prevent headaches caused by intense light and squinting for many minutes, and protect against windy conditions.

    2. How to choose running glasses?

    Choosing your jogging glasses is like choosing your shoes: there's a pair for everyone. It's essential to choose eyewear that meets your specific needs. Here are the main factors to consider:

    1. UV protection

    Of course, running can be done on a treadmill. But running around your neighbourhood is much more fun!  UV protection is essential for any outdoor activity. Choose running glasses that block 100% of UVA and UVB rays. Look out for the UV 400 standard, which all our sunglasses meet. This guarantee protects your eyes from long-term damage caused by prolonged exposure to the sun.

    2. Types of lenses

    There are several types of sun protection lenses, all with their own distinct characteristics. While polarized lenses reduce glare and are perfect for running in bright sunshine, photochromic lenses like Transitions automatically adapt to light conditions, making them versatile for different times of day. Demystify the different types of sun protection lenses and their characteristics in our article on How to choose your next pair of sunglasses.

    3. Lens colour

    The choice of lens colour depends on the environment in which you run. At New Look, we offer sunglasses with specialty lens colours that differ from conventional tints. The most common colours are as follows: 

    • Ruby or magenta lenses: our specialty tints! These lenses offer greater depth of vision and a clearer perception of surfaces such as trails, making them ideal for outdoor running.
    • Grey lenses: ideal for daytime running in bright sunlight, preserving natural colours.
    • Amber lenses: improve visibility in low-light, cloudy or foggy conditions.
    • Brown lenses: amplify colour contrasts and define colours well.
    • Green lenses: offer good clarity and surface perception, while reducing excessive brightness.

    Psssst! Your personal tastes can also play a part in your choice. All colours are appropriate, but which one catches your eye?

    4. Fit and comfort

    For optimum comfort, choose glasses with a shape that fits your head perfectly, rubber temples that will stay in place (even under your cap!) and a non-slip nose bridge (to prevent sweat from sliding off). Luckily, our glasses come in a variety of sizes, and in-store, we always offer free fittings for our customers! Don't hesitate to come back to see us if you need to, as comfort is paramount. Make sure the glasses stay in place without putting excessive pressure on your head. The light weight of the glasses also contributes to comfort.

    5. Resistance and durability

    If you take the time to choose your eyewear carefully, you can be sure that they will last you a long time. Opt for glasses made of resistant materials such as polycarbonate or other plastic materials. They need to withstand falls and shocks without breaking, so avoid mineral (glass) lenses for sports. We're well aware that these decisions raise many questions. Let our in-store opticians guide you towards the best options for you.

    6. Ventilation

    Good ventilation keeps your lenses from fogging up, especially during intense running. Look for models with strategically placed ventilation openings, and a shape that doesn't stick too closely to your skin. Some models even offer a fit directly on the temples or nose, for good ventilation and to prevent fogging!

    7. Style

    Of course, style counts! Choose a pair that not only offers optimum performance, but also matches your personal style. Feeling good with your glasses can be a great motivation to go running.

    3. The best sunglasses for running

    Here are some of the best running glasses, available in various colours, optimized for performance, comfort and safety:

    BOBCAT-204927 - SMITH

    Discover the BOBCAT-204927 - SMITH visor-style plastic sunglasses. A stylish, extra-large best seller for all face shapes.


    Try the RUCKUS PIVLOCK-201522 - SMITH visor-style plastic sunglasses. Versatile and protective!

    SP-0069 - ADIDAS

    Choose the SP-0069 - ADIDAS rectangular plastic sunglasses. Benefit from the brand's expertise in sport accessories!


    Check out the SUTRO - OAKLEY visor-style plastic sunglasses. Designed for performance, they're the perfect accessory for your sporting adventures!

    Choosing the right pair of running glasses can transform your race experience, combining style, comfort and performance. To explore our complete range of running sunglasses, discover our trendy models. And if you're more of a winter sports enthusiast and want to get a head start or simply get informed, check out our article on How to choose winter sports sunglasses!

    Happy shopping and happy running!

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    Guide: how to choose running glasses

    Guide: how to choose running glasses

    Read on to find out why it's important to wear running glasses and how to choose them, plus our favourites.

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