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How to relieve red eyes

How to relieve red eyes

Having trouble with irritated eyes? Suffering from red eyes can make even the simplest tasks difficult to accomplish. Fortunately, we can help you regain your visual comfort! In this article, we will explore the various causes of red eyes and share practical tips and treatments to relieve and soothe your eyes. Seeing red is over!

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What causes red eyes?

Identifying the source of your discomfort is the first step to remedying it. Here are some common factors that can cause red eyes:

1. Eye strain

Modern life often leads us to overuse our eyes, whether in front of a computer screen, reading a good book, or driving long distances. This eye strain can result in red and irritated eyes.

2. Environment and allergies

A dusty environment or excessive ventilation can cause irritation and dryness of the eye surface, leading to redness. Seasonal allergies or reactions to specific allergens can cause red and irritated eyes. The outdoor environment is full of allergens, especially during certain times of the year.

3. Conjunctivitis

Conjunctivitis, whether viral, bacterial, or allergic, is a common source of red eyes. If you suspect conjunctivitis, it's important to consult a vision health professional for treatment.

4. Dry eyes

Eyes that lack hydration can also become red and irritated. Focusing on a task can inhibit the blinking reflex or make it incomplete, preventing the eyelids from properly lubricating the eyes. If you feel a sensation of dryness, check out our article on the topic to discover ways to maintain eye hydration. Specific conditions, such as dysfunction of the eyelid glands, can cause red and irritated eyes. A clue to notice: if you suffer from excessive tearing. Get out the tissues!

5. Chemical irritants

Chemical products in the environment, such as smoke or harsh cleaning products, can irritate your eyes and cause redness. Avoid these irritants as much as possible.

6 tips to relieve red eyes

Now that we have explored potential causes, here are six tips to soothe your red eyes and regain your visual comfort.

1. Rest your eyes

Give your eyes moments of rest by looking away from screens. When using your eyes intensively, practice the 20-20-20 rule: every 20 minutes, look at an object 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds. This technique relaxes the strain that can cause redness. Another tip: avoid getting too close while reading, that is, keep a distance of at least 40 cm. This will also help prevent headaches!

2. Apply a warm compress or a heated mask

Warm compresses help stimulate the eyelid glands to improve tear quality and lubrication, as well as relax eye muscles. Soak a clean cloth in warm (but not hot!) water and gently press it against your eyes for about 10 minutes, twice a day. Don't hesitate to moisten your compress a few times to keep it warm. A little trick: don't wring out the cloth too much, it will stay warm longer. There is also the heated mask, specially designed for the eyelids. It is more effective than compresses for gland stimulation, but the moisture from compresses helps soften secretions. Try both to find the option that works best for you! Note that the heated mask is not recommended for children.

3. Use eye drops

Moisturizing eye drops provide immediate relief by lubricating your eyes. Choose drops specifically for red eyes that contain soothing agents and apply them 2 to 3 times a day. In addition to hydrating, they also help remove irritating particles.

4. Avoid allergens

Identify and avoid allergens that trigger your symptoms to reduce irritation. Make sure to regularly clean your home to reduce the presence of pollen, dust, and other allergens.

5. Wear sunglasses

Sunglasses protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and reduce the risk of irritation. When you go out, especially in sunny or snowy weather, wear quality sunglasses with the UV 400 mark, which is visible on all sunglasses sold in our stores.

6. Use a humidifier

Maintaining an adequate level of humidity in your environment helps prevent dry eyes. Air conditioners and heating systems can dry out the air, which can affect your eyes. By using a humidifier, you will create a more comfortable environment for your eyes.

When to consult an optometrist for red and irritated eyes?

While these tips can provide relief, it's important to consult an optometrist if symptoms persist. Our vision health professionals are here to assess your needs and offer personalized solutions. Don't let red eyes interfere with your daily activities. Call your New Look store directly to schedule an urgent eye appointment. You'll have fresh and comfortable eyes in no time!

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How to relieve red eyes

How to relieve red eyes

We will explore the various causes of red eyes and share practical tips and treatments to relieve and soothe your eyes. Seeing red is over!

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