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5 good reasons to work at New Look Eyewear

5 good reasons to work at New Look Eyewear

Looking for an exciting job with a team that thinks big without compromising your values, ambitions and work-life balance? Come work at New Look, which is part of the largest network of optical professionals in the country and is always aiming higher.

Between a competitive salary, a passion for innovation guided by our state-of-the-art tools, environmentally responsible practices and a close-knit team, New Look and our field of work, in general, has everything to attract both young professionals and experienced opticians. Here are 5 good reasons to work at New Look:

A rewarding career in an important field

We believe that vision is a basic human right, and every day we make it our mission to set the new rules for the optical industry to implement better vision for the world. Optometry is an important field that will always exist and one that many people depend on. We are fortunate to be able to help our customers see better! Whether it's protecting eyes from harmful blue light for those who spend their days working on screens or helping a student succeed in school with good vision thanks to their glasses, we value each of our customers' unique needs. The positions at New Look offer a versatile experience no matter if we are talking about glasses, lens thinning or contact lenses, to name a few. In addition, our stores are equipped with state-of-the-art tools, whether it is for taking measurements, customer demonstration tools or our virtual try-on service. We are aware of the importance of our work and our impact on society.

Many opportunities for advancement based on your interests

At New Look, you will always be able to learn and develop, because we take your growth and professional goals to heart. That's why we offer everyone a personalized career plan based on YOUR vision, as well as adapted coaching. Our multitude of locations that form a large network offers not only quicker advancement opportunities due to the large number of positions available, but also an opportunity to travel across Canada for your career. At New Look, you will have the opportunity to apply for several management positions, in our technology teams, as well as in our lens manufacturing laboratory in Montreal. We are convinced that it is inspiring to evolve within an organization that prioritizes your future and your personal and professional development.

A Quebec company

New Look is a Quebec-based company that has been offering its expertise in eye care and the highest quality products since 1986. As a local company, we are proud to offer our customers across Canada a selection of products in a range of prices and lenses made in Quebec. Although our reputation is well-established, we are visionary by nature. We are always looking to offer the best to our customers. From creating our lenses in our Montreal laboratory to designing an innovative virtual try-on experience, we are constantly raising our already well-recognized standards across the country and continue to adapt our offerings to the unique needs of our customers. We are also visionaries by design. Our private collections are developed with local designers to help us create timeless styles that go against fast fashion and focus on smart fashion. Whether it be for our private or designer collections, all of our work goes into matching glasses to the uniqueness of each face as well as the styles and preferences of our customers. Join the largest network of optical professionals in Canada.

Certified eco-responsible

Beyond technological innovation, we also take our internal practices further to reflect our values and contribute to innovative initiatives: we believe in a sustainable future. We are proud to be the first company in our industry to be certified Eco-ResponsibleTM by the Sustainable Industries Council. We recently achieved Level III certification in January 2022. Sustainable development principles are an integral part of our business model. You'll be invited to get involved: we have a green ambassador program that allows you to make a real impact on the world. Look for a job in an eyewear company that shares your values and that looks to the future.

Competitive salaries and benefits

The well-being of our employees is important to us. In addition to allowing you to grow professionally, the jobs of optician, sales consultant or assistant optician at New Look offer several interesting advantages:

  • Competitive salary
  • Bonus
  • Group insurance
  • Free telemedicine services
  • Free pair of prescription glasses every year
  • Discounts for family and friends
  • Well-deserved time off
  • Internal competitions

In order to facilitate work-life balance, we adjust our business hours as needed and we rely on mutual aid and teamwork between branches when necessary. Take advantage of all these benefits and enjoy a stimulating and inspiring work environment.

Join the New Look team

Join our team of passionate professionals who think big. Pursue a career in optics at New Look. Check out our job openings and apply online now.

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