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3 must-try glasses trends for summer 2022

3 must-try glasses trends for summer 2022

Summer is upon us which means there’s no better time to refresh our style. Accessories are an underrated and practical way to renew your style without starting over, so jump on these current eyeglass trends and pick a durable frame that’ll take your look to the next level.

We turned to Marianne Dubreuil, fashion stylist based in Montreal, to discuss the must-wear glasses trends of summer 2022. A fashion design graduate, Marianne’s worked in the industry for nearly 10 years. With her keen eye for new styles that last over time, she puts forward natural elegance and bright colours. Discover the 3 current eyeglass trends that’ll dominate this season according to this experienced stylist.


Marianne’s recommendations

Festivals are back in full swing this year, and after two years of restrictive measures, I’ve noticed on the streets that people want to have fun with their style. Almost anything goes and mixing and matching is more than encouraged. Welcome to the maximalist era, where shimmery materials, colour blocking and the 2000s reign.

1. Shimmery materials

After two years of imposed wardrobe restraint - because let's face it, we had nowhere else to go - it's understandable that we'd want to wear flashy accessories that would get us noticed. On international runways, whether it's a touch or a head-to-toe look, I've seen a lot of shimmery pieces: sequin dresses, mini skirts with sparkly patterns, semi-transparent shiny camisoles, etc. This trend is making its way down to the streets and will definitely be embraced this summer by all. For a more classic take on it, I found this pair of Stella McCartney sunglasses at New Look with a Cuban link temple detail, making it ultra-glam. For the more adventurous, I also found this Michael Kors aviator frame with rhinestones and semi-coloured gradient lenses. Quality frames to protect you from UV rays while shining brightly!


2. Colour blocking

This trend, which often resurfaces in designer collection presentations, is coming back this summer with a new and updated look. It's all about combining clothes and accessories in different colours for a mood-enhancing effect! This year, we recommend saturated tones. Accessories are part of this trend and allow us to have even more fun: this is where a colourful acetate eyewear can add the final pop to any look. Many options can be found in the exclusive private label collections at New Look. It is also possible to create a custom-made pair of glasses: assisted by an optician, you choose the materials, the shape, the colour of the frame and even the lenses. Why not be inspired by colour blocking to create a pair that will stand out for its originality and add colour to your summer look?


3. 2000s

You really have to be living under a rock to have missed the return of several key fashion elements of the 2000s. Whether we like it or not, low-rise pants, mini-skirts and its opposite, the maxi-skirt, are back. With this trend, "bad taste" is back in and we even go as far as incorporating the same flashiness as Paris Hilton’s famous style. She was, at the time, the queen of rimless coloured glasses with semi-transparent lenses and oversized "bug" frames. In the sports eyewear section at New Look, I found this pink Adidas pairthat fits perfectly with this 2022 glasses trend. Because yes, dancing at a festival can be considered a sport! I also found several frames with large rounded shapes like this Chloé pair in metal with a beautiful opening detail at the end of the temple.


Renew your style

Want to try these 2022 eyewear trends? Shop all our styles online or book an appointment to try them in-store. Whether you need prescription lenses, sunglasses, or the best of both worlds with light-reactive lenses, we’re always available to help you find the perfect glasses for your look. We can’t wait to see you!

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